The benefits do not stop with tax rebates. Aside from powering your home, the system will also be producing Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).
To reward customers for the production of environmentally friendly solar energy, many states issue digital certificates known as SRECs.   Each SREC represents the production of one megawatt-hour of solar electricity.

SRECs are valuable because many states require large-scale electricity suppliers to produce a certain amount of these SRECs each year to ensure that some electricity is being produced by renewable, non-carbon emitting sources. These electricity suppliers have the option to either build solar power plants and produce the SRECs themselves or purchase them from solar system owners like you.

For a 4kW system in PA, approximately 4-5 SRECs will be produced annually.  Once these SRECs are created, they can be sold in a number of ways.  One way is through long-term, fixed rate contracts with experts who handle your credits for you.  Long-term contracts may offer prices that are lower than the market price, but they give system owners a stable and reliable income for the length of the contract.  Another option is through a brokerage where experts manage and sell your credits at the best market price they can get.  This option may yield higher pay outs, but less stability as the value will fluctuate with the market. Kearney Energy Solutions works with Sol Systems to provide their customers with the best prices for long-term and brokerage SREC contracts.  For more information on these options, visit”

Utility rate caps expired on December 31, 2010.  This means that utility companies are no longer held to state regulated caps.  In the past these caps limited the amount that corporations could charge for electricity.   Electricity delivery costs may increase significantly as well.  These changes resulted in an immediate increase in the average monthly electric bill and experts predict that prices may continue to rise.

For those that purchase a solar energy system from Kearney Energy Solutions the value of those systems, and the resulting energy savings, increases drastically.  The increase in the rates that the utility companies can charge means that the savings from providing some of your own electricity is even greater, expediting the payback on the system.  Those who invest in solar energy today will be rewarded for years to come as they are less reliant on utility companies and the increasing charges they pass on to their customers.

With the end of the state regulations on the utility companies came the option for energy consumers to shop for a provider of their choice.  We encourage our customers to do this because it can be a great way to save on monthly electricity costs.  You can find the best rates in your area by visiting

            It is always a goal of ours to help our customers save the most they can on their electric bill and try to get their reliance on utility power as low as possible.  With that goal in mind, we will give all of our residential customers a complimentary Energy Audit which can identify problem areas in your home where you may be able to make inexpensive changes to save significant amounts of energy and money.