Solar energy is a smart, clean, low-maintenance way of producing your own electricity. It is a guaranteed investment in your financial future, the value of your home, and the future of our planet. When you install solar onto your home, you will immediately see the rewards reflected in your utility bill.  Over time the money you save will offset the initial cost of the system and begin earning you a profit.

Why Kearney Energy Solutions?

Kearney Energy Solutions is a division of T. Kearney Custom Builder, Inc., who has a reputation as a trustworthy contractor who has done top quality work throughout the Philadelphia area for over twenty years. We will be bringing the same honesty, care, and attention to quality into the solar business.
We are on the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program's list of approved installers, which means by building with us, you are eligible for your state funded rebate.

Kearney Energy Solutions is a completely self-sufficient company.  This means that you will never have to deal with anyone besides us; we take care of the supply, design and installation of your Photovoltaic System. From the conception of your solar project through design, installation, and any future system maintenance or check-ups, we are the only source you need.

In the past few months there has been a drastic decline in the cost of the major components that make up a solar system.  When these lower material costs are combined with the existing Federal Tax Rebate, the idea of producing your own power with Solar Electricity is no longer something for homeowners to think of as the way of the future, but a practical and affordable step to be taken today.
In addition to this, Kearney Energy Solutions is constantly working to provide our customers with the best value through low overhead and honest pricing while still guaranteeing the best quality of work and maximum energy production from your system.