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            With guaranteed profitable returns and a fast payback period, solar energy is among the smartest and safest investments a business can make in today’s economy. Businesses who convert to solar energy experience great tax benefits and rebates. In addition to available state rebates and the 30% Federal Tax Credit (which businesses can apply to receive as a grant instead of a tax credit), businesses can offset the initial cost of the system through the ability to make depreciation deductions.
Set time periods over which business owners can depreciate the cost of various types of property are given in the Federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).  For most renewable energy properties the period is five years, but in 2011 there is a first-year bonus depreciation deduction available, which allows for a 100% deduction to be taken for tax purposes.
According to the MACRS depreciation guidelines, a business owner who installs solar energy on their property can depreciate the entire upfront cost, minus half of the 30% federal tax credit, for tax purposes in year one.  This significantly reduces the waiting period for recovering your investment and helps you, as the business owner, begin profiting from your investment even faster.

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